Just like you,God also has his timing.our God is a God of seasons and timings.God is never early nor late,He always works in the perfect time. He makes everything beautiful in his timing

You carry out your things according to your timing. you have a personal time table forexample time for showering,time for breakfast,lunch,etc.You even have a time table for your children.

Our father in heaven also has a time table for us.He fulfills his plans upon us in his timing.Unfortunately you always want God to work with in your timing.

The devil also has his own timing and wants to delay you so that God’s timing bypasses you.

In God’s timing the devil puts hinderances/blocks in you paths.

In God’s timing the devil puts frustration on you so that you give up.

During God’s timing,the devil arises battles against you and so many people hate you for nothing.

In God’s timing the devil will bring to you people who will delay you.Thats why you have inquire God about every person who comes in your life.

During God’s timing, the devil makes you weak in the spirit.You feel you cant pray,read the bible or fast.Thats the time you will have the worst dreams.

In God’s timing,the Holy Spirit tells you to fast and pray,to seek God.He can tell you to fast 3days dry or to separate yourself and seek God.When It was Jesus time to Face the cross,he stopped eating and separated himself for prayer.

Its important to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit because He will help you to know that Its God’s timing and what to do during that time.

So many prophecies have not been fulfilled in your life because you didnot the time for them to be fulfilled.you have seen things in dreams but not seen or touched them in reality because you dont know God’s timing.

Today ask the Holy Spirit what your supposed to do during this time.Tell him to help you know God’s timing and seasons and what to do so that you dont delay.

#God’stiming #Holyspirit #timesandseasons

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