Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Dear Holy Spirit! i would like to get to know you.please take over my life.take control over my husband and my children.

Please fill  me with your Power so that i can overcome my enemies.

Give me your grace in this journey of salvation.

Empower me with your strength.

Dear Holy Spirit please teach me how to pray according to God’s will.Teach me how to pray in tongues.

Baptise me with your fire as you did to the disciples in the upper room.

Teach me how to worship in the truth and the spirit.

Beloved Holy Spirit please comfort me amidist my troubles.

Please provide for me and my family needs.

Protect me and my family.

Bless the work of my hands.

Please talk to me in the language i understand.Open my spiritual eyes and ears.

Teach me to do God’s will.In Jesus name i have prayed.Amen!

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