Praying for our children

Children are our heritage from God therefore we should take care of them just like the physical heritage from our parents.We should pray for for our children to get knowledge wisdom and understanding.We should pray for our children to understand God and also honor parents.

We pray for our children not to go through what we went through as we were growing up.I grew up without my father and mother, I grew up in poverty and lacked basic needs like food, and a good place to sleep.I grew up in my uncles and aunts and they mistreated me.I was also bewitched by the wives of my uncles and my aunt’s.I pray for my children not to go through what I went through in life. We pray for our children not to do the same mistakes we did while growing up like fornication, use of drugs,abortions etc.I got pregnant at the university and gave birth to my first son.I carried out two abortions, therefore, I pray for my children not to do what I did.

We pray for our children to overcome clan spirits and covenants and curses which follow them. In my journey, I have discovered that some people break through easier than others due to the difference in the families they come from. Some people are praying against things affecting them as a person well as others like me we pray against things for generations and generations. I pray for my children not to battle with the things I have battled within the spiritual world.

We pray for our children to know God, understand the holy scriptures and also have the hunger for God.This will make them grow spiritually.We pray that they are guided and led by the Holy Spirit in whatever they do.

We pray for our children to be the heads, not the tails, to be above only and highly favored.We pray for blessings upon our children. the work of their hands to be blessed.

We pray for God’s protection upon our children from the devil’s attacks and plans. We pray for God’s healing hand to heal our children.

We pray like this; Worship and thank God for our children, for their life, protection upon our children, provision for our children, then we dedicate them unto the precious blood of Jesus Christ, cleanse then with the blood Jesus Christ and repent on behalf of the children and their forefathers. Call upon the Holy Spirit to take care of our children, give them a spirit of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding. Enter into a spiritual battle to break off generational curses, spells, and covenants from the children. Break the spirits of fornication, disobedience, sicknesses,etc.destroy the works of the devil upon the children. counsel the plans of the devil upon the children. declare and decree upon the children, declare blessings, wisdom, favor, healing, healthy, God’s protection, discipline, knowing God, serving God.

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