One of my favorite dreams!

Its 6AM and I have just woke up. Am so excited because of the dream I have just heard. Yesterday I was inspired by ” DailyBiblePrayer.wordpress. ” to write about some of my personal prayers and I wrote about a prayer for my husband and my focus was salvation for my husband.

Today morning I heard a dream. In this dream, there were 4 people; my sister. a gentleman who was my instructor in a driving school and a young boy around 17 or 18 years. There was a box which belonged to the late mother of this boy and we wanted to open it. This box was made of wood so we were looking for a way of opening it and get whatever was there. Previously we had opened another box and I don’t remember what was there using a knife.

The boy had a knife and said “you opened another box using a knife, let me also open this in the same way. While he was holding the box I remembered that those boxes always a part of a soft wood. We turn the box and he cut it to open it. In my mind, I thought there was money because in reality those boxes are used by people to save money in my area.

However, the box didn’t have money but had different categories of rosaries which were rusted and a bottle which was also old indicating that they had been in the box for a long period of time. Then I told the people around that there are talisman of rosaries and a bottle of herbs which was almost finished.

Then I asked the boy, when did you get saved? And my sister replied me that he got saved yesterday. Then I replied back yesterday! Then I told the boy to stand up and put his hand on his chest and I pray for him and I prayed like this; Father I bring this young boy to you and I pray that you deliver him the way you delivered me. I continued praying that, fill him with your Power and Anointing and the Anointing of God touched the boy and he started rolling. I was still touching his head while he was rolling and I even thought I was going to fall.the boy came back to his senses and stood up and I concluded my prayer with “Thank you, Jesus”.This is an indication to me that God has heard my answer and salvation has come to my family. That I overcame the spirit of religion and witchcraft which was biding my husband in Jesus happens in the spiritual world first then it manifests in the physical so grateful and I give God the Glory and Honor for saving my husband in Jesus name.

Its one of my favorite because i have heard so many dreams linked; I had a dream I was waiting upon God and because he had told me that there was a bigger ministry upon my life and my cousin sister came and I noticed something upon her life and I prayed for her and the power of God touched her and she fell( whatever I noticed about my cousin sister, was happening in reality),In another dream I was preaching to the crowd, in another I prayed for the old woman who had come with pastor Benny Hinn for a crusade and she had a big wound which had failed to heal for a very long time and the wound healed immediately, in another dream I prayed for someone who had HIV and she got healed and so many other dreams where I have seen God in form of a mist on the cloud and other people couldn’t see him.and so many other dreams.

Am so happy that I have shared with you some of the things I have never shared with anyone and some to my pastor alone. I pray this to be helpful to you in Jesus name. Am so grateful for the Holy Spirit for the work He is doing in me as Paul says in Philippians 1:6

“Being confident of this very thing, that he will which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the of Jesus Christ”

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