A prayer for my husband

Thank you, Jesus, for everything you have done for me. Thank you for your love, grace, mercy, compassion, and protection.thank you for my husband and my children.

Dear father I submit my husband to you, I pray that you give him the grace of salvation, take him away from religion. guide him in your truth and teach him your ways.

I repent on his behalf, please forgive him all his sins and iniquity. forgive him for fornication, forgive him for drinking alcohol, forgive him for worshipping idols, forgive him for worshipping other gods, forgive him sexual immorality and perversion, forgive him the sin of his forefathers.

Dear Father in heaven, please deliver him from all the chains of religion. fornication, generational curses, sexual immoralities, drunkardness, poverty, and ancestral spirits. release him from every bondage in Jesus name.release his mind, heart, soul, and body in Jesus name.create in him a clean heart.renew his spirit. bless him oh Lord.bless the work of his hands

I break all the chains holding his destiny in Jesus name. I abide all the powers of darkness hindering him from getting saved. I uproot and destroy spirits of religion, poverty, pride, sexual immorality witchcraft biding his life in Jesus name. I break all the curses following him from his forefathers in Jesus name. I destroy every alter by force fire which is hindering him to get saved and to prosper. I release fire to every demon, spirit, curse, and powers of darkness biding his life in Jesus name.

I declare salvation over my husband in Jesus name. I release fear of God upon my husband. I release a spirit of knowledge wisdom and understanding upon my husband. I release a spirit of dreams, revelations, and visions upon my husband. I release a quickening spirit over my husband in whatever he does. I release God’s extraordinary favor upon my husband. My husband will be the head not the tail in Jesus name. I release God’s blessing upon my husband in Jesus name

I pray that my husband gets to know you, Lord, the way I do in Jesus name. May he see your glory.i cover him with the blood of Jesus Christ.

Thank you, Jesus, for saving my husband, thank you for redeeming my husband.thank you for blessing my husband.thank you for delivering and setting my husband free.in Jesus name, I have prayed.

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